Test Circuit Values :
RL = 2.2K Ohm
C = 1.0 µF
P/N TRMO-6018-L-_ _-_ -_
Termination Lead Wire Solderless Pin Mount
-46±3 46-T 46-B 46-P
-44±3 44-T 44-B 44-P
-42±3 42-T 42-B 42-P
-40±3 40-T 40-B 40-P
* 0dB=1V/Pa @ 1KHZ
Directivity Omnidirectional
Z Dimension (Height) 1.8mm ± 0.1mm
Sensitivity Range -46 ~ -40±3dB/Pa
Operating Voltage 2.0 VDC
Impedance <2.2K Ohm
Current Consumption 500 µA Max
S/N Ratio >56dB
Max Operating Voltage 10 VDC
Sensitivity Reduction Within -3dB @ 1.5V
Internal Capacitor none/10pF/33pF/10pF&33pF
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